Benefits of dates for skin and hair

Dates are one of the tastiest dried fruits with a lot of health benefits. Unlike the size of these fruits, dates are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. Dates also provide sufficient energy for your body. Nutrients in dates are not only good for your health, but also for your skin and hair. And the best part of adding dates to your diet is that there is no risk of side effects, but the dates are good for a smooth bowel movement and induce a nice deep sleep. Let’s look briefly at the benefits of dates for hair, and skin.

1- Rejuvenating the skin:
Including dates in your skin care routine can help promote glowing and younger skin. Dates contain proteins and enzymes that help keep your skin healthy and supple.
To make a facial mask, take seedless dates and soak in milk. Now, leave them like that for a whole night. The next day, mix them to make a thick paste. Apply to face and rinse with cold water after a while.

2- Treat the signs of aging:
Dates contain a lot of antioxidants that help fight against free radicals, which can trigger oxidative stress for cells. The use of dates on the skin can help prevent the signs of aging and also put an end to fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
To make the anti-aging mask, take a few dates and mix them to make a paste. Now add a spoon of yogurt and honey. Spread this mixture on the face and rinse with cold water.

3- Promotes the elasticity of the skin:
Because dates are excellent sources of vitamin C, these can help improve the elasticity of the skin. Nutrients in dates can help improve the quality of skin tissue, improving the elasticity of the skin.
Take a few seedless dates and mix them to make a paste. Now take a spoon of sandalwood powder, a spoon of turmeric powder and add milk. Mix all this and apply this paste on your face. Wash in cold water.

4- Treat stretch marks:
Dates are one of the helpful remedies that can help to easily treat stretch marks on the skin. Because of the vitamin B present in the dates, they can treat stretch marks and other skin problems. Take a few dates and soak them in milk. Then mix them together to make a paste and add a little aloe vera gel. Mix together and apply the mixture on the face. Rinse after 10 to 20 minutes with water.

5- Treat hair loss:
The vitamin B5 present in the dates, strengthens the hair follicles in a natural and significant way. Add 4-5 dates to your daily diet for healthy and strong hair follicles. Dates help maintain a healthy scalp.
Dates can also be useful in treating hair loss problems. Since they are rich in iron, they can help stimulate hair growth, thus preventing hair loss problems.
You can apply a paste of dates on the scalp and rinse after 10 minutes. In addition, simple consumption of dates can also help treat hair loss.

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