Beauty tips that every woman should know

A woman is like a flower. By dint of neglecting it by forgetting to water it, it can die and lose all its beauty and its brilliance.
In order for women to preserve their beauty and brilliance, Mother Nature has given us many natural solutions to ensure the skin’s softness, purity and shine.
1- A preventive tip of the appearance of wrinkles around the lips:
120 grams of beeswax.
120 grams of calendula.
250 ml of olive oil.
To prepare this solution, heat these ingredients for one minute over medium heat. Let it sit all night and keep it in a clear jar. Each day, apply this mixture around the lips for 15 days.

2- Remove the black dots in 9 seconds:
2 large spoons of cornflower floral water.
2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.
After mixing these ingredients, apply the solution to the area where the blackheads are located by rubbing for 9 seconds. Once you have rinsed this area with warm water, all black spots will disappear.

3- With cucumber, you will work miracles:
This trick can remove bags under the eyes:
You have to mix a cucumber juice with a potato juice to have a solution that you apply, using a cotton, under the eyes to remove the pockets.

4- Remove dark underarms
With this problem, it will just have to thin the skin under the armpits to look radiant:
A natural yoghurt.
A large spoon of flour.
A big spoon of milk.
After mixing all this, it must be put on the armpit skin and wait 20 minutes for the solution to act on the darkness of the skin.
Otherwise, you can also clear the skin of your neck, a part that is exposed publicly and must appear flawless. Here’s how to do it:
All you need to do is trick cotton into lemon juice and then apply it to the dark skin of your neck. After a quarter of an hour, rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizer.

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