Amazing facts and little known about the parts for lady

Even though we have mentioned the basics, we still do not know much about the functioning and capabilities of this body. In this article, we will highlight some amazing and little known facts about this intimate part, as this information is very instructive and useful in life.

1- It changes size during orgasm:
You may have noticed, the vagina is extremely elastic. This characteristic is especially noticeable during sexual intercourse.
Yes, the muscles of this part dilate during coitus. You have never wondered why your intimate part seems shallow when you insert tampons, but you manage, however, to welcome men well “hung” during your intimate relationships.

So you have your answer: The vagina is an elastic organ that can grow during sex, because of a high blood level that occurs even at the time of penetration. It is growing more and more with the intensity of pleasure.
Indeed, the inner walls of the vagina are composed of innumerable small folds that open during coitus to accommodate the sex of the man without any pain. However, if the woman is about to have her orgasm, then a reduction in size of about 30%. This action is due to the sudden contraction of the muscles of the vulva.

2- The ability to self-clean:
The human body actually contains healthy bacteria, which act to fight and hunt bad bacteria. Thus, the vagina also has a flora of healthy bacteria that protect the area against viruses, microbes, fungi and other pathogens. So if you see a clear or white liquid, do not be embarrassed, it’s perfectly normal.

3- These muscles can be strengthened:
This characteristic, many ignore it. The muscles that are part of the vagina can be toned and fortified, especially through exercises that focus on the work of the perineum. These activities help to reduce the risk of problems, such as urinary incontinence, prolapse or other conditions that can reduce the quality of life.

4- The clitoris is a source of pleasure:
This may be the most well-known feature about the vagina. The clitoris contains more nerve endings than any other organ or part of the human body. This makes it considered as the human organ intended solely for pleasure. Its stimulation excites and contributes to the attainment of orgasm.

5- Intimate relationships ensure the good health of the vagina:
Having frequent sex is one of the best ways to work the delicate muscles that make up the vagina. Long periods of abstinence weaken the internal tissues of the vagina, reducing its flexibility and lubricity.

6- The vagina becomes more sensitive after childbirth:
After giving birth to a baby, women sometimes need some time to recover before having an intimate relationship again. The muscles can regain their normal size, but for penetration, it will often be necessary to wait between 3 and 6 months.

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