8fruits that you can grow indoors

If you have a spacious, spacious veranda, porch or glazed porch, you can grow all kinds of potted fruit trees and get tasty fruits like figs, citrus fruits and grapes. Apricots and peaches bloom earlier and better under cover rather than outdoors, although they prefer to spend the warm summer months in the garden, as do most fruit trees and shrubs.

With the exception of strawberries, most fruit plants are trees or shrubs that need a deep and nutritious root, so choose containers at least 30 cm in diameter and a little deeper . As the plants grow, you have to move them in bigger pots. You can also prune them every year to maintain an appropriate dimension. Alternatively, for plants with their final cut, simply remove the top layer of soil in the pot and replace it with fresh compost each spring.

In general, use a compost on a generous layer of drainage materials like pebbles or gravel. Water regularly and provide nutrients, especially if the plants start giving flowers and fruits, adding a high potash fertilizer is recommended.

1- Peaches and nectarines:
Natural or genetically dwarf varieties such as bonanza (peach) and nectarella (nectarine) can be grown in reduced forms with 75 cm stems. Keep them indoors in a well-lit and sunny place and at temperatures between 10 and 13 ° C until the fruits arrive, it will then require higher temperatures between 18 to 21 ° C. Ventilate suitably in hot weather.

2- The apricots:
Compact varieties such as Shipleys and Goldcot on semi-dwarf rootstocks are very productive in pots, especially if they are placed against a sunny veranda wall. For apricots, use compost on many drainage materials. To make sure you have fruits, pollinate by hand by transferring pollen from one flower to another with a small brush.

3- The blackberries:
the mulberry tree is a slow growing tree, it is ideal for growth in a large pot. For tasty fruits that ripen in early summer, grow the black mulberry Morus nigra Chelsea in a clear, indirect light in a well-ventilated area at 13 to 21 ° C.

4 The physalis:
Cape gooseberries (Physalis pruinosa) or ground cherry (P. angulata) form small bushes that are very suitable in pots, with small white flowers and cherry, yellow or red fruits in chalices that protect the fruit like a hull. They are very prolific when grown in large pots of 30 cm or more, in full sun near a window.

5- The grenades:
For pot culture, choose a Pomegranate: Punica granatum var. Nana, which only reaches 90 cm high and often produces beautifully beautiful scarlet flowers when relatively immature. Attractive miniature fruits follow in early autumn but rarely ripen completely. A lot of ventilation and sunlight are needed, especially in late summer and fall.

6- The figs:
All varieties of fruit grow more slowly if their roots are confined in a large pot, but the Negro Largo fig tree is particularly well suited as a houseplant. A temperature range of 13 to 18 ° C may limit the size of the plant, but it may still be necessary to prune in summer and winter to control exuberant growth. Place the plant in a well-lit place away from direct sunlight and feed the fig tree two or three times during the growing season.

7- The grapes:
A vine provides shade and beautiful ornamental protection through the roof of a pergola. Ventilate freely to prevent mildew from spoiling the bunches of fruit. Each winter, trim the lateral fallout to two buds.

8- The strawberries:
Strawberries in pots on a sunny window sill will provide fruit almost continuously from early summer until mid-autumn. Strawberries are great fruit producers and are especially valuable when they are forced to produce early fruit in mid-spring. To stimulate early strawberries, set up plants in autumn in pots of 13 to 15 cm and leave in a well-lit room. Plants should develop plants that can provide fruit from late spring, after which they can be thrown or planted in the garden for

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