8 steps to take as soon as possible to eliminate bedbugs

You should know that you are not the only living being attracted by the softness and warmth of your bed. Some night visitors come for other reasons and are particularly irritating to your sleep since they painfully bite their victims to suck their blood.

To identify a possible infestation, look for physical signs of bedbugs, especially when you clean it, change your bedding, or move away from home. So look for:

– Rusty or reddish stains on sheets or mattresses caused by crushed bedbugs.
– Dark spots of this size “•”: It is bed bug excrement.
– Eggs and eggshells, which are tiny (about 1 mm) and the pale yellow skins that nymphs spread as they grow.
– Or simply live bedbugs.
When they are not feeding, bedbugs hide in various places. Around the bed, they can be found near the piping, seams and labels of the mattress, and in cracks on the frame and head of the bed.
If the room is heavily infested, you can find bedbugs:
– In the seams of the chairs and couches, between the cushions, in the folds of the curtains.
– In the drawer joints. In containers and electrical appliances. Under the detached wallpaper and the wall hangings.
– At the junction where the wall and the ceiling meet.
– Even in the head of a screw.
– They can also share your bed with you at night.

Just by reading this article, you can not get over these parasites, you are angry. So we understand how you feel, and we offer you natural and radical solutions to this problem in the following part:
1- Inspect, then inspect again:
Prevention and early detection are your best resources against a bedbug infestation, so don’t delay. To get started, you’ll need a flashlight and a mirror.
Remember these creatures are small, and their eggs invisible to the human eye. Most bedbugs are found on and around mattresses and bed frames, so start there.
Carefully inspect the mattress and box spring for each bed in your home. Don’t forget to lift them, checking underneath and in all the seams and cracks.
Look for bed bug faeces, rusty brown spots, or spots that look like dried blood.
Check for any crevices and cracks in your bed frame. Even better, take the bed frame apart for a thorough inspection.
Inspect the headboard and behind it.
If you find signs, try the following natural ways to combat them.
2- Physically remove those you can see: Make war on them. Exile them out of the cracks and cavities (using a business card), crush them in a paper towel, vacuum them up or trap them with adhesive tape. Do whatever you need to do to get rid of them, everything is allowed except insecticides.
3- Wash all the Bedding: Gather everything that is close to the sleeping area and that can be washed, including stuffed animals, pillows, blankets and sheets. Do your laundry warm, the high temperature will kill bedbugs and their eggs.
4- If you can’t wash it, freeze it: Some items that can’t be washed can be bagged and put in the freezer. Extremely low temperatures also kill bedbugs and their eggs.
5- Vacuum completely: Vacuum the top and bottom of the mattress, the bed frame, the carpet, both sides of the headboard, and especially all crevices. Do this daily if you are fighting bedbugs use the most powerful suction piece you have. Be sure to seal and dispose of the empty bag immediately (outside your home).
6- Try essential oils: Tea tree oil, cedar oil and orange oil are harmful for bedbugs. Mix with water in a sprayer and spray the areas you suspect with a light mist.
7- Use of diatomaceous earth: We have already sung the praises of diatomaceous earth, and bedbugs will not be an exception to this super powerful natural product, which even professional exterminators use.
Sprinkle the mattresses, bed frames and carpet with (wear a dust mask for this step). Then vacuum up the excess before sleeping.

8- Remove the disorder around the bed: Bedbugs do not discriminate, they like both the disorder and the clean houses. But eliminating the clutter under and around the beds helps reduce their hiding places.
9- Make prevention a necessity: Treating a bedbug infestation costs time and money (not to mention stress).
A few simple preventive measures can greatly reduce the risk of them appearing in your home.
Buy a waterproof bed to protect against mites, fleas, bedbugs, etc. These can reduce the risk of these insects appearing and reproducing, and it’s a good investment for healthy sleep.
Fill all cracks and joints in the headboards and bed frames with caulk.
Install bedbug traps under the legs of each bed. This solution is cheap, easy, and one of the most effective ways to detect and stop bedbugs before they become a real problem.
Learn the routine of inspecting the traps and return to step 1 quite often.

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