6 signs that indicate kidney damage

On average, the kidneys filter, cleanse and detoxify about 180 liters of blood per day. Their role is important because they balance body fluids, eliminate waste and excessive liquids. However, when the kidneys are at risk, overall health is at risk. For this reason, it is important to detect the symptoms that the body manifests in order to avoid further damage.

Here are the signs:

1- Swelling:
This is the most common and visible symptom that indicates a serious problem with the kidneys. This happens because the body retains excess water causing bloating in the limbs, face and joints.

2- Urinary disorders:
– Difficulty urinating
– Urine pressure
– Dark urine color
– Frequent or less frequent urination
– Foamy urine
– Pale color of urine
– Large amount of urine

3- Rash:
When body fluids and waste products are accumulated in the body, the skin manifests certain changes: blemishes, rashes, and itching.
Using creams and certain cosmetics won’t help you too much because the problem is in the kidney. For this reason, a medical check-up is necessary.

4- Fatigue:
The kidneys not only filter the blood and remove waste products, but produce EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone that stimulates the production of more red blood cells, which provide oxygen when needed.
Unless there are not enough red blood cells, the body will feel tired and put pressure on the brain and muscles. In addition, it could lead to severe anemia.

5- Metallic taste in the mouth:
The high amount of waste in the body accompanied by inappropriate kidney function leads to bad breath and changes in the flavor of food.

6- Pain:
There is no more convincing symptom than this. Pain in the upper back indicates that there is a problem with the kidneys. On the other hand, it is not only a symptom of kidney failure, but also of kidney infection or kidney stones.
Never ignore these symptoms and try to eat a diet rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Without forgetting to consume enough water

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