5 effective methods to eliminate all termite threats in your home

Termites are responsible for the most unlikely damage in homes. Drywood termites cause slower damage than underground termites, which are real pests. Therefore, they require different treatment methods to get rid of them.

Signs of termite infestation:
To detect the existence of termites in your home, you must be proactive in preventing your home. And here are some signs that will help you know if termites have infested your home.

Damage to wood:
If your house is mainly made of wood, then beware. Wood damage is usually found behind and under surfaces such as floors and walls. Most homes have wooden floors and it is crucial that you take a look at your wooden floors or other wooden structures once a week to find out if there is any damage.

Wings :
Termites have wings. You can find scrapped wings near windows, doors or other home access points. When termites find the right place to dig through the wood, they twist their wings because they know they won’t need the wings again.
Mud tubes:
Mud tubes can be found near trees or sheds where the ground is connected to your home. As you know, termites require a certain temperature to survive. They will thrive in places where there is humidity. The tubes or tunnels they make block cool or dry air to retain enough moisture.
If detection is successful, it is time to get rid of the pests that threaten your home. Read the second part of this article to find out the best methods to fight your silent armies.

So here are the 5 most effective methods to eliminate all termite threats in your home:

1- Use of organic products:
Even if it is not one of the most popular methods, the use of organic products such as natural mushroom is possible. These fungi can be placed in appropriate places to infect termites, an infection which must spread very quickly in the colony; The extermination of the entire colony will take place within a very short time. It usually presents very minimal risks to other users or to the environment. The contribution of professionals is also necessary at this stage since the biological product to be used depends on the type of termite in question.

2- Bait:
It is generally the least toxic method used to exterminate termites, and it has been known to be the most effective, as it tends to kill the entire colony in the home. We insert tubes with termite bait into the grounds around the house, immediately the termites will fall into the bait and start eating it, they will be directly killed; This method is not based on destroying termites on the surface only. We should continue to monitor the bait from time to time. Professionals can help set the traps to improve the chances of success.

3- Use a repellent:
You can also use a repellent to create a barrier around the infected house; This in itself will not be a method of killing termites already around your home, but will help prevent other newcomers from attacking your home. It also prevents termites already present from leaving the house; Because they are now unable to leave, the chances of them dehydrating and dying after a while increase. This method is quite slow and the results may not be as dramatic as may be seen in other available methods; But when it succeeds, there is a very limited chance that the re-infestation of the house will recur.

4- Borate treatment:
This is an ideal method to adopt for newly built homes or homes that are repaired or refurbished. Borate is generally applied to wood used directly for construction. Because termites are unable to digest wood, but rely on certain protozoa in their tract to break it down and remove nutrients; The use of sodium borate is very effective because it kills these protozoa once it enters the termites digestive system.

5- Use of Worms:
There are live worms called nematodes that can eat termites from the inside, so they can kill any termites in your home easily. It is a good method if the infestation is still small and limited to a small area.
Once the worm has been eaten by the termites, it in turn will eat the termites from the inside. Once the termite dies; More than 100,000 nematodes can emerge from it and look for a new host in the remaining termite colony.
Overall, it is important for anyone interested in exterminating termites from their home to consult a pest control professional on the best method to adopt, the average cost and how long the method will take.

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