4 tips to quit smoking

Despite the warnings on cigarette packages and packaging, the number of smokers has been increasing over the years. To believe that once you start, it becomes difficult to end it. Quitting smoking is a complex process that each person goes through in their own way. But when you know how to do it, it is possible to overcome this addiction.

1- Avoid coffee in the morning for 1 month:
You may wonder what coffee can have in common with tobacco consumption. Yet there is a little known link, it is that caffeine is a natural activator that stimulates the desire for tobacco. This is the reason why you should start by avoiding this drink during the first weeks of your abstinence from smoking.
As an alternative to coffee, you can drink healthy drinks as an alternative such as cinnamon tea, licorice tea, ginger tea, passionflower tea. In addition to removing caffeine from your drink, you should also increase your vitamin C intake, which helps purify the lung.

2- Whole grains are a basic to help quit smoking:
With stopping or even smoking, it helps lower blood glucose levels. Which can cause symptoms such as stress or general malaise. In these kinds of cases, it is important to make wise choices in your diet that will help cope with these symptoms.
Also, know that a whole grain diet is great. You will perceive it in your morale, in your feeling of satiety and before, your body will thank you for it because it will not suffer from hypoglycemia.
Cereals that you can include in your diet include oats, buckwheat, rye bread, spelled bread, whole rice, red rice, flax seeds.

3- Foods that relax us:
Certain foods also have the ability to relax the body and mind of the craving for nicotine. Nicknamed by nutritionists “Zen foods”, they include squash soup, lemon baked turkey, white fish, vegetables (such as broccoli, raw onion, turnip, carrot, adis , leeks, cucumber, celery, cardes, tomato), nuts, bananas, garlic, brewer’s yeast.
However, we should not focus only on this because it is only about “eating smart” and choosing what is good for us.

4- Lukewarm honey water:
Hydration is also essential during the process of removing nicotine from the lungs. For this, it is recommended to drink twice a day a cup of warm water with a spoonful of honey. This remedy is purifying, antibacterial, increases the immune system, gives energy and takes care of the lungs.

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