4 foods help you support kidney function and health

If our environment, as well as our food contribute to the accumulation of toxins that impede the proper functioning of the kidneys, we also have a natural way to preserve them, it is well our food choices. Certain foods have diuretic properties that help fight the action of free radicals and can prevent kidney problems like insufficiency.

1- Red peppers:
Red peppers are one of those foods containing diuretics and antioxidants. These properties allow them to optimize kidney function to promote the elimination of liquids retained in the tissues.
Red peppers are particularly rich in potassium and sodium, two substances whose balance helps keep inflammatory processes stable.
In addition to this, they also contain certain vitamins and minerals that support cell regeneration and decrease the negative effects of free radicals on healthy tissue.
These different properties make red peppers a healthy food for people with kidney failure and other types of infections. For good reason, they fight inflammation and help keep a good level of electrolytes.

2- Onion:
Like red peppers, onion is also a recommended food for people with kidney problems. It is a popular vegetable and appreciated for its culinary contribution but also for its exceptional nutritional values.
Thanks to its antioxidant properties, onions are favorable for the development of good kidney health. It contains great amounts of quercetin, a substance that inhibits cell damage to healthy tissue in the heart and kidneys.
In addition, its content of allicin, a sulfurous substance, allows it to treat inflammatory problems and prevent the excessive accumulation of toxins, which are very cumbersome for the kidneys.

3- the eggplants:
Eggplants are also great allies for patients with kidney disease, as they also have diuretic and detoxifying properties that help remove fluids and toxins to prevent premature tissue damage.
In addition, they contain some good amounts of vitamins and minerals that promote the functions of the cardiovascular system.

4- Dried fruits:
Dried fruits are a healthy food that can strengthen kidney health, thanks to their richness in essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. Their consumption, in moderate quantities, prevents inflammatory disorders and reduces the risk of premature aging.
In addition to the foods already mentioned, other foods that you can include in your diet to support kidney function and health are blue fish, watermelon, and pineapple.

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