3 natural remedies that treat lipomas very effectively

Lipomas are growths of fat cells in a thin fibrous capsule. They can appear on any part of the body, but usually affect the hands, neck, forehead, torso and armpits. The conventional lipoma removal procedure involves surgery, but you should know that they can also be treated in a natural way.

As described above, lipomas are balls that are safe for health and are not even dangerous when palpating. They are very soft, very regular and move under your fingers when you touch them. Although often confused with cutaneous cysts, lipomas are differentiated from them, which are neither mobile nor soft on palpation.

Lipomas are particularly visible when they are on the skin. However, they become less visible if they are located deeper in the skin, near the organs. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to recognize the lipomas, since the only symptom that makes it possible to identify them is to observe their growth.

Compared to their size which can sometimes reach 5 centimeters, lipomas can be very troublesome. This drives many people to want to get rid of it. Surgery is the most popular method for this, but there are also natural ways to eliminate these troublesome balls.

Here are three natural remedies that can treat lipomas very effectively:

1- Egg yolk and salt:
Mix 1 egg yolk with a few tablespoons of salt, then apply the mixture 4 times a day on the lipoma ball to get the best results.
The amount of time the treatment will take will depend on the size of the lipoma, but you can use it as long as you want. Repeat the process daily until the lipoma disappears completely.

2- Honey and flour:
Mix a tablespoon of honey and the same quantity of flour, then apply the paste on the lipome and put a piece of cloth on it. Let the remedy work for at least 36 hours, and repeat the procedure once a week. The lipoma will begin with reducing size, then disappear thereafter.

3- Propolis:
The application of two drops of propolis on the lipome every day will reduce its size and make it disappear in less than a month.

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